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Getting Started with your Niche Selection

Niche selection is everything

If you have that deer in the headlights look when it comes to niche selection, I know exactly why.

I’ve been there myself and so you just assume things and grab something that sound good.

The top factors for selecting a nicheconfused

  • Demand (how many people are looking for it)
  • People selling it (how many people are selling it)
  • Sales numbers

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Defining the Niche

Some major factors are to look for a niche that is

  • evergreen, such as weight loss. People will always be wanting to loose weight, or make money online etc. Now you need to know a few things past this.
  • Look for a sub niche….example weight loss for women
  • Gauge the competition (type womens weight loss in google and see how many pages are there) I can tell you for sure that weight loss for women will be overly competitive, unless you are a guru SEO master, what that means is for your web page to be ranked in google you have to give yourself an advantage, and that would be your chosen keyphrases are scarce in terms of pages you find. You are looking for a few hundred pages at the most.

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Niche Secret Sauce

I will use a couple of factors to narrow down and pinpoint some mostly unknown SEO factors, especially among newbies. SEO changes faster than the weather in Texas, that’s where I live, yet these are fundamentals that don’t often change.

  1. Take the group of key-phrases you just built and”

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There is a distinct difference in planning to be a success and developing a good plan to succeed.

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