• Tired of Not Getting a Break Online
  • Haven’t made any money from your efforts
  • Just about Given Up on MMO
  • Don’t Have a List Yet & You Don’t Know Who to Trust

fade-leftfade-rightWHAT'S SO GOOD ABOUT PLR?

  • PLR can help you make money fast with simple rebranding
  • Private Label Products can be branded quickly
  • PLR can be sold and delivered in diverse formats, Video, PDF, Audio & Text
  • PLR Makes You an Instant Expert
  • PLR Products Launches were top 10 launch leaders 2013-2014
  • Smart Marketers are making a “ton of cash with PLR”
  • "I break it all down in the members'...area"


fade-leftfade-rightUNDENIABLE SYSTEM

“What’s the lesson here? The marketers that have figured it out are using PLR to create their products and brand quickly and aggressively marketing PLR Products for huge gains”

Ok I did'nt think of PLR but I made it Bonehead stupid simple for anyone to take my blueprint and Profit with PLR

fade-leftfade-rightREASON I CREATED THIS

I’ve struggled online for years without catching a break, one day the light came on and I realized there were hoards of people just like me who need an easy button answer

I was determined to create the answer to every broke newbie’s prayers…

Introducing - PLR Launch Code Newbie Profits Biz in a Box

PLR Launch Code

Only $2

What’s Possible with PLR Products

  • Own Hot Markets with the Freshest Approach
  • Become a PLR Products Master
  • Build You Brand With Quality PLR
  • Ride Atop the Crest of Hot Offers Using PLR
  • Don’t Just Buy Stuff-Build Your Own Monster Buyers List
  • Leverage PLR for Residual Income Growth

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Only $2


People are so confused about PLR Products
I hear stuff like…

  • Private Label Rights Products is all poor content that has no real value…
  • Rebranding is too Tech for a Newbie like me to clearly navigate
  • Just about Given Up on Making Money Online
  • You Don’t Have a List Yet & You Don’t Know Who to Trust
  • You can’t really build your business using PLR!

* The fact is that much of this is true, but not completely

PLR Launch Code is the right information and tools to help you brighten your path to success with the Power of Private Label Rights Products

Dear: Struggling Newbie Scratching to Make a Single Dime Online,

I feel your pain cause I’ve been doing the same thing for years, until I learned that to succeed you had to be selling your own stuff. I’m talking Product Creation. I’ll bet that’s scares you right! That’s right and that’s why millions like you haven't done anything about it until now.

Don't worry..."I break it all down in the members'...area"

fade-leftfade-rightWhat's Inside

This Training will teach you How to Use PLR, but not just use PLR... were talking about using PLR in a whole different way and for a completely different reason... Results... Cha... Ching...

Here’s what you’ll discover

  • => How to dominate the HOTTEST markets within the Internet Marketing space
  • => How to properly build your brand by publishing QUALITY content
  • => How to build a MONSTER buyer’s list by repeatedly selling PLR products
  • => How to properly leverage PLR to get the BEST possible results for your time invested
  • => and so much more! If you thought I was done, you better think again!
  • "You get the whole scoop in the members'...area"

fade-leftfade-rightTRAINING MODULES

You get Every Module Here in PDF and Video Formats

  • Module 1 - Quality Contents Creates Results

    Learn the fundamentals of getting started making money online through creating and chain of quality in demand content.

  • Module 2 - Selecting PLR for Your Business

    Know how to choose PLR? This module will lead you step by step through the process of how to select PLR that will help your business grow and flourish

  • Module 3 - Develop Your Offer

    Niche Selection and building an offer can get pretty technical, but learn to cook it down to simple steps that work.

  • Module 4 - How to Build Your Brand & Income With PLR

    Branding is a task that many newbies leave behind, learn how to use brand to build your business to new highs with Private Label Products

  • Module 5 - Benefits of Product Creation

    Product Creation is a necessary skill, learn how even a newbie can break into the world of product creation.

  • Module 6 - Building a Huge Marketing List

    How can you prosper without a list. Learn the necessary steps to build and grow your list of prospects.

  • Module 7 - Ways to Market PLR for extreme growth

    PLR is a doorway to incredible growth in a short span of time, my report will lead your down the path of extreme business growth with Private Label Rights

  • Module 8 - Affiliate Your Efforts…..Traffic Source

    The first thing everyone wants is traffic, it’s not first in line but I break it down to ABC


Whats the Cost

Only $2

If by any chance you feel that I have come up short of what I promised to deliver, then simply request a refund. All I ask is that you provide me with tangible evidence of you implementing what I teach and prove to me that this does not work for you. Listen. The only way that you will not see results is if you don’t take action on everything that I outline, but my gut tells me that you are someone who has had enough of the failure within the IM space and are hungry for their success. All this being said, you have two options: You can continue to travel down the same road of failure and continue to shoot in the dark, or you can put your trust in me and what I have to offer you today, and follow me down the road to SUCCESS with just a small one time investment of only: $7.95

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George Edmonson Jr

When those 20 billion new users show up will you be ready to Profit?

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