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"Private Label Rights"

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  • PLR can Help You Make Money Fast
  • Private Label Rights Products can be Branded Quickly
  • PLR can be delivered in multiple forms, Video, PDF, Audio
  • PLR Makes You the Expert Today
  • PLR was one of the Hottest Launch Products in 2014
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WHY is PLR-Launch-Code Essential to Help You MAKE MONEY ONLINE  "because"

Private Label Rights Products is an Instant Solution to Online Marketing Worries 

Professional Themed Training Reports w/PLR

Our training Reports will help you get started quickly with everything from having a product to brand to setting up your sales funnel for sending traffic and building your marketing list. You also get free PLR reports to place on your optin pages and in your sales funnel. These reports are key to list-building, sales and establishing your brand.

Tools You Need to Move Your Business Ahead

Everyone wants to get things going, and then you find out you need some specific tools to get your plans moving forward. Our goal is to continually provide as many of those relevant and essential tools as possible with your membership, and when possible most will come with PLR so you can add them to your arsenal.

Professional Training Resources

Training is key to individual growth and progress, a core benefit of our membership is providing fresh and timely training resources to use for personal enrichment and to make an asset in marketing your business.

Bronze Level Membership Benefits

BuzzEcovers Ebook Cover Creator

Your membership comes with a developers license to create, sell and use in your business, unlimited ecover creations.

Never pay a designer again

Premium Reports

Each month members enjoy a new premium training report, which can be quickly rebranded and put in to play in their business. These Reports are original and fresh, each report is themed on the hottest topics that marketers want to master, this will immediately position you as an expert. These reports can be used to build your funnel out and create sales by delivering highly sought after training.

Free Ecover & Graphics Software Account

In order to brand your business you need ecovers, got that covered with your free account with my web-based ecover software. Create your own 3d ecovers from pre-made templates. Save hundreds of dollars each year with this service alone. Pick up your report each month, create your cover and put your new assets into action for your business.

Valuable Free Reports NewbieProfitsFunnel2 (2) (400x640)

One of the most important things we need to start building a mailing list is something to open the door for your subscribers to enter in. My reports are original and professionally made with the training all marketers are looking for, when they can get it for free, you are a star. Just like everything in this membership they can easily be branded and used on your optin pages.

Marketing Online Can Be a Grind

Problem solved...PLR-Launch-Code takes away the pain by providing all the stuff that take days to do and putting it in your hand to put your name as author.

The Right Tools Make it Better

It Takes a Lot of Stuff to Market Yourself Online

Totally true and it's a real downer when you first learn this, but I've got your back. With your membership you receive a growing list of awesome tools to help promote and grow your business to new levels, we won't stop adding and upgrading those tools.

How do you grow a business  online?

Thats simple, grow your lead base with

With the information they want!

Local Marketing-Professional Offline Sales Training Course

Offline Marketing has come front and center in the online world today, a vital opportunity is leveraging the business opportunity through local channels.  This step by step training will help you master the art of Local Marketing.

List-Building Video Series

Professional Video Series taking your step by step through the essential factors of build your profitable mailing list. This course is tailored to get you off and running on the path to building a list and becoming profitable through your relationship with your list.

These & More Popular Training Courses with Your Membership

 How To Training

  • Training in PDF Docs

    Members get professional step by step training on popular topics that help you be better and more fully equipped to succeed in your niche.

  • Video Training

    People love videos and even more they love to learn stuff using videos, guess we are visual creatures, members have access to valuable training in video modules.

Powerful Training Inside

How to Set-up Review Sites

If you are into affiliate marketing, as many of us are a powerful way to create Amazon and Clickbank sales is through marketing with Review Sites, this professional training guides you through the process of getting your review site off the ground.

How to Get Started Using Wordpress

We you set-up your blog you'll want to do it with wordpress, but where do you start, our training will walk you through the process of getting you site online so you can get on with your online success plan.


Silver Membership with  Sales Page Builder

Watch this video to see the power of  BizBuzzTools Sales Page Master


If  you were to count the cost of all the stuff you buy all over the web against getting everything you need with this membership...the ROI here is very high here....icon-thumbsup-orange


How much does all this cost?

Premium Reports, We sell these report every day for the retail price of $17-$37, I either wrote them myself or paid hard cash to have them created. It costs a minimum of $100 to have a small training report made, $500 for a Premium report. How much is Your Time Worth?

Actual Value  $97

Ecover software cost me big, my plan is to offer an extreme value to my members so for you it’s free: but, what would it cost to have each ecover produced. I am doing a product launch right now as I am writing this page, I have spent over $100 on ecovers for 1 launch

Actual Value  $97 if purchased

Free Giveaway Reports, Most of these I created myself from many hours of work, I know what they are worth to me! They feature the answers to the most asked questions in internet marketing today. The reports are extensive and excellent to feature on your squeeze pages to enhance you list-building ability. I will also add new Giveaway Reports frequently as I have the opportunity.

       Actual Value $27 each

Professional Training, membership privileges include professional video and Report based coarse training on everything from social marketing to offline marketing, this training is professionally produced and important to position you as an expert in your niche.

New Training added each Month in formats that help you take of running quickly.

Actual Value $49 Month


"People that take Action Change Things"


No questions and no hoops to jump through. I can’t be any more fair than that, so get our your credit card and click the “Buy Now” button to get started right now for the small investment of just $7.95! for the Bronze Level Membership

To Your Success,

George Edmonson Jr

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What could these tools in your arsenal mean to your Business?

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Auto Video Creator will allow you to use the most powerful marketing technique available. Video flat out sells stuff and converts up to 500% better that ordinary sales pages. With AVC you can make marketing videos that accelerate your sales instantly.

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