2 Top Ways to Work From Home Taking Paid Surveys


Ever thought you could make $20 to $500 Working from home with paid Surveys. Many eager hardworking people have learned that taking surveys at home is a good way to earn some extra cash. There are tons of opportunities to make money with surveys but I want to highlight 2 very good ones, you might say the cream of the crop for Paid Surveys ops.

Hi my name is George Edmonson, and I am a writer and  marketer for sure and I represent many products online; always trying to bring forward the very best that is available for my guests.  The 2 Survey Money products I am reviewing are premier products in the marketplace, meaning they represent  a substantial opportunity for you to benefit and achieve your income goals. Companies all over the globe are clamoring to Pay for your opinion; what say we give they what they want.

Paid Surveys at Home Review

This site is hands down one of the best ways of making money by working flexible hours from your home. News Flash!

Thousands of companies everywhere need your opinion so they can enhance their products and services before they invest millions of dollars taking them to market. This site has over 400 market research companies that work serve thousands of business
that want to pay for your opinion immediately. You get to do survey forms, phone surveys and even watch movie trailers. Not too bad to have your popcorn with you and get paid at the same time. A 20 minute survey can make you $20 bucks, that comes out to be $60 per hour, not bad for extra cash. If this one is for you click the link below

Paid Surveys at Home

Here is the bad news, I don’t know how many more memberships this company is going to give out because people are flocking from
everywhere to get in on this money making opportunity. If you need income that can be generated from the convenience of home; You can’t afford not to try this out. You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones! I just checked with the customer service department and was notified that there are only limited memberships left and that they are going to stop offering new memberships soon. You have to get in NOW!

Pros: This Site is one of the most stable in the survey industry and has tons of work boasting over 400 companies

Cons: Paid Surveys at Home is not the highest paying survey company in terms of maximum payout per survey

Some customer reviews 

“Best paid surveys site yet you make lots of money every day all for just at home and filling out surveys .”  Derek Meyers  Chicago, IL
“Paid Surveys At home has helped me earn some extra money. Which has really helped a lot. I am proud to be apart of the team”  Joe Mayerski Jackson, New Jersey

 Take Surveys for Cash Review

This website is operated by Jason White, better known as “Mr Survey” because he is an industry leader is technique for getting paid for surveys.

His mantra is

“Learn a Little-Known, But 100% Proven Way To Make Money Taking Paid Surveys”

He backs this claim up with his video of him opening a letter with a survey check of $500, now that bold but he says his technique and training can put you in line and equipped to get those sort of paydays. Business desperately need your thoughts on their products; if you were opening a business wouldn’t you ask some people to critique your service before you put a price tag on it. Well that info is valuated based on the product the companies are preparing to market. Jason breaks all of this down and puts your finger on the money. His list of businesses pay from $25 up to $500 fo different types of completed surveys which has yielded him $270,000 over the last 6 years…yooouza!

Jason has made a serious mark in the paid survey industry and so he is truly connected with the survey money trail, if you need the road map, go now and watch this amazing video which reveals all.

Ready to Take Surveys for Cash


Pros: This Survey Money website is operated by the foremost expert in making money with surveys

Cons: You need to create an email address just to handle the host of emails and yes even spam mail associated with signing up for surveys


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