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Breaking Free from Internet Marketing Futility

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content wrintingMake Money Online-Dont Just Be Busy

If you are a victim of busy raise your hand, cause I know I am and was for a very long time, until I stopped to measure the results of what I was doing.

Recently I got a mentor that helped to pull back the veil from my eyes so I could clearly see the cause and effect of what I was doing and the 97 % of everyone online is doing. These meaningless actions are the reasons we fail. The song by Michael Jackson talks about looking at the man in the mirror. We have to look at our actions and find out if they make sense, support and are the proper steps to take for realizing our goals.

“Insert is a quote from Dallas Morning News submitted by a reader”

“I have read the letters to the editor saying how overworked teachers are in the DISD. If that is so, wouldn’t the level of literacy and graduation rates reflect that? Just asking.  Jim Janusz, Richardson ”  read more    http://letterstotheeditorblog.dallasnews.com/2012/02/working-hard-wi.html/

Defining the Reasons We Fail

When you develop a plan for marketing a idea r product you must have a complimentary project plan to guide you through the steps for successfully completing this marketing plan. This project plan should include several different layers of tasks and details and include the following aspects.

  • Goals, personal…the whys you are willing to undertake this effort
  • Project cost and source of funding
  • Resources required to complete the project
  • Timeline to completion
  • 180 day plan and goals
  • 90 day plan and goals
  • 30 day plan and goals
  • 7 day plan and goals
  • Daily tasks and goals
  • who will complete each step
  • what is the source of expertise for the project you are working, you, another expert that you interview, online resources such as PLR that you must repurpose
  • Cost associated with each section of the project, 7 day cost, 30 day cost, 90 day cost, 180 day cost.
  • Income goals: these are tangible goals that you hope to reach with the right efforts, they must be charted in the project.

Structuring your project to Ensure Completion

Ok you need to be realistic and know it’s human nature to be distracted and for stuff to go wrong, so be human as you plan out each daily, weekly and 30 day section.

You will find that everything new to you takes more time and effort than you thought when you planned it24992321_s

  • Break up your tasks into boxes by the week, month and 90 day periods
  • Detail all tasks to complete that section
  • Work within that weeks box only
  • Stay focused on those tasks to complete your weeks timeline
  • Re-evaluate after 30 days and reset your goals and timeline.


There are other important elements for structuring a  business growth plan that will move you to success and maximize your efforts and income.

“I break it all down in the members area”

Make your efforts count…Make Something Happen in a Meaningful Way

“Live for Success….Stand for Something…and Believe”

George Edmonson Jr