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My thing is recognizing ways for marketers to grow in the dynamic atmosphere of IM. Most of what you find out here is tailored for the creator to make all the money involved, with little or no return for the user.

We are all on the hunt for opportunities for good ROI. Rarely do we find avenues that we don’t have to sink thousand in order to profit and grow.

Yet; every now and then there are some opportunities like this, I found one in 30 Minute List, this is complete listbuilding business in a box sort of setup, because you need little except an autoresponder to grow a huge list, make residual income and do it faster than you ever thought possible.

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30 minute List is a viral listbuilder, I have used them before with some results so I always keep them in my arsenal, but this is like no other for the following reasons. The 100 leads per day is conservative once you have this thing rolling.

  • You get a turnkey business to build a list 5x faster
  • This business sells itself because everyone needs it
  • It adds subscribers to your personal email list (you don’t have to have an autoresponder but I recommend it for building a good long term profitable IM list)
  • incredible landing pages
  • free rebrandable report (this report comes with the rebrander to add your affiliate links) the report is fully hosted for download.
  • your referrals build your list as well
  • everyone out here needs this stuff so it sell itself
  • you can market it everywhere you market now and everywhere you market free you get subscribers
  • tons of marketing tools to build it faster
  • easy button  4 step setup to get you started right

How to market you Rebranded PDF Report

When you have rebranded your report you can market it just as you would a referral link, its a freebie that offers a free business and income producing List builder. Win! Win!

* Send it out to your subscribers and customers as a free gift

* Post a link to your branded copy on your blog

* Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

* Send it to your Viral URL downline

* Add it to traffic exchanges like Top Surfer

* Buy a solo ad at Top Surfer and send your report to them

* Add it as a bonus to other free products you give away (or sell)

* Link to your viral pdf from your “thank you” pages

* Link to it in your email and forum signatures

* Make a short video about it and post it on Youtube

But maybe the best way is to use the “landing page”
that I included as a free download.

You don’t even need an auto-responder.

Just upload the “thankyou” page to your website and
link to branded PDF.

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get In It to Win it

George Edmonson Jr